St Petersburg is getting more expensive. Here, you can come across shops with prices you will see in the shops of London or New York. But many shopping venues of St Petersburg will offer reasonable prices. Of course, everything depends on what you are looking for, and where. The most popular shopping streets in St Petersburg are Nevskiy Prospekt and Sadovaya Street. There are lots of various shops, located on streets close to Nevskiy. For example, one of the biggest and oldest department stores, DLT is situated at Bolshaya Koniushennaya Street, which starts near Nevskiy Prospekt.

Today St Petersburg is flooded with huge trendy shopping centers, located throughout the city. These shopping centers offer not only clothes, perfumes, fancy goods, and so on, but a wide range of entertainments like movies, game-playing machines, cafes, and even bowling. In case you forget something at home, you can find it in one of St Petersburg’s shopping centers. Many centers are located near metro stations: Vladimirsky Passage near the Vladimirskaya metro station, Sennaya near the metro station with the same name, Zanevsky Kaskad near the Ladozhskaya.

St Petersburg has many supermarkets and smaller food stores. Many venues are open 24 hours a day. If you are a self-catering tourist, you may be absolutely sure that you won’t die of starvation in St Petersburg, as there are many stores offering good-quality foods. Prices in big supermarkets are usually higher than in small shops or in the markets.

Everybody who comes to Russia wants to take something home. Traditional Russian souvenirs like matreshkas (nesting dolls), birch boxes, lacquer boxes or other souvenirs can be an excellent gift. In St Petersburg, there are several shops where you can buy good quality souvenirs. You can also buy some interesting items in the street (one of such small markets is located near the Savior-on-the-Blood at Kanala Griboedova Embankment). Prices can be top-heavy for some items, so be wise before you decide to purchase something.

We hope that this guide will help you when you decide to go shopping in St Petersburg. If you want to share your shopping experience or just recommend us the place we should include in our shopping pages, please, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Gostiniy Dvor

Gostiniy Dvor is considered one of the largest and oldest shopping centers in St Petersburg. Bolshoi Gostiniy Dvor became the place where the first 25 out of 650 printed copies of Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow by Raditshev were sold. View More>>


The first customers entered Saint Petersburg Passage in 1848. At that time this shopping center was practically the only one in Russia. The name Passage originated from the French word passer which means to wander or to walk.View More>>

Dom Knigi

Dom Knigi (Book House), located in one of the most architecturally beautiful buildings of Saint Petersburg, is well-known not only in Russia, but also abroad. View More>>


Galeria is considered one of the most modern shopping and entertainment centers in Saint Petersburg.View More>>

Vladimirsky Passage

Vladimirsky Passage is one of a few shopping centres in the centre of Saint Petersburg. Apart from numerous shops it also houses three-stars Dostoevskiy Hotel. View More>>
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