Tequila-boom is a world known chain of Mexican cantinas, which is very popular among the visitors. The first Tequila-boom cantina appeared in Mexico in 1873. Nowadays it has the restaurants in Mexico, Acapulco, Cancun, Los Angeles, and other cities. Not so long ago Tequila-boom has opened its cantina in Saint Petersburg. The history of such cantinas began with the mass production of famous alcohol drink, called Tequila. The first drink, which reminded modern Tequila, was produced by the Indians-Aztecs out of pulcue - sweet cloudy alcohol drink, made of ahava (a plan of cactus family). Tequila, which has come up to us, was firstly produced in 12-19 centuries out of maguey (another sort of ahava) not far from the city, called Tequila.

When you enter the first cantina in Saint Petersburg, you will get to Acapulco or any other city of Mexico, as there are so many colors, sombreros, ponchos, even cactuses, which serve as the elements of the design. High-quality and fresh products make the basis of Tequila-boom’s menu. You shouldn’t miss some famous Mexican starters, as chicken’s wings with a spicy Mexican sauce or popular corn crisps with yellow cheese.

But the real pride of these cantinas is surely a wide list of Tequila from world famous tequila brands, like Sauza, Jose Cuervo, incredibly exotic trade mark – Mescal. Apart from pure Tequila drinks, in Tequila-boom you will be offered a great variety of cocktails, with Tequila as their base. One of the most known is Bloody Mary Mexico, which consists of tequila, tomato juice, lime juice and tabasco. You can’t keep tasting real Mexican drinks and cuisine. Try them once and you will become a true fan of Mexico forever.

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