Matrosskaya Tishina Restaurant

If we only pronounce the word combination Matrosskaya Tishina, we imagine vivid sea pictures and intrigue atmosphere. Every detail in this restaurant is really unique, starting from design and finishing with cuisine which is based on the best traditions of French culinary style. Matrosskaya Tishina Restaurant is the first fish restaurant which appeared in Saint Petersburg, that’s why it has become the most popular one as among the locals as well as among the guests of the Northern capital of Russia.

When you enter the restaurant you notice that you are standing on a real deck of a ship. The cries of the seagulls and the noise of the ship’s bell make the surrounding atmosphere even more attractive. Do not be surprised when you notice that in the design of the restaurant’s hall the real details of military ship are used. Sitting in a cozy whicker arm-chairs, looking at the light of aluminum lanterns, the guests enjoy culinary masterpieces from the chef. The waitresses, dressed in vests and administrator in captain’s uniform – all these details make an impression that you visit the deck of the ship.

The menu of Matrosskaya Tishina Restaurant is rich in sea products. All the dishes are cooked with the perseverance of their natural tastes, are flavored with various gastronomic shades. There is an aquarium with tout, starlet, fresh lobsters, that’s why the guests can choose any fish or sea products they like. There are three types of oysters, served in the restaurant, without even considering the season. A dish, cooked of alive clams and boiled crustaceans leaves nobody indifferent. We are not even going to say about rich wine list with the dominance of white wines. You are welcome to visit Matrosskaya Tishina Restaurant.

Contact information

Address: 54/34, Marata St.
Metro: Mayakovskaya metro
Phone: +7 (812) 764-44-13
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