Marco Polo Restaurant and Pinta Bar

Marco Polo Restaurant is one of the most original and well-equipped restaurants in Saint Petersburg. It is located in Marco Polo Saint-Petersburg Hotel. Its inner design has two basic colors: red and white, which gives an impression of intelligent and highly-praised establishment. All in all, this restaurant is practically the only one in Saint Petersburg which preserves the aristocratic culture in its best traditions. An open fire, stained-glass decorations, wonderful sounds of the piano takes the guests back to the 19th century, makes them forget about their troubles and worries.

Marco Polo Restaurant is famous for its Mediterranean, European and Russian menu, which gives the visitors a chance to choose the dish they like best of all. Pay attention that freshness and quality of the ingredients is a rule of the restaurant. The comers will never forget the taste of scallops in chardonnay sauce or a flavor of fresh berries, used in sauces or as a garnish. One can appreciate rich wine list, incredibly wide tea and coffee list, great variety of desserts and specially designed menu for younger children. The restaurant is open from 8.00 to 23.00. Its total hall capacity is 45 seats. Daily from 13.00 to 16.00 business lunch is served, while live music is heard there every evening between 20.00 and 23.00.

Downstairs there is famous Pinta Bar. It takes the visitors into the atmosphere of Middle Ages with all those knights’ armour, tapestriesand military equipment of that epoch. It is the time when women wore beautiful dresses and people used to eat only delicataces. At Pinta Bar every guest will find everything he needs for the relaxation: tasty and exotic dishes, great choice of alcohol and soft drinks, wonderful desserts, Orientalhookah and all kinds of entertainment. Marco Polo Restaurant as well asPinta Bar always happy to treat the guests in the best traditions of Russian hospitality. They offer special bonuses for loyal customers. Don’t waste time and enjoy the most extravagant examples of Mediterranean, European and Russian cuisine, suggested in  Marco Polo Restaurant.

Contact information

Address: 27, 12th Line Vasilevskiy Island
Phone: +7 (812) 449 88 77
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