Theatre Music-Hall

Modern Theatre Music-Hall was created on the basis of the so-called “Narodniy dom”. Such kind of establishments appeared in Saint Petersburg at the end of the 19th century. They were aimed at the entertainment of the citizens and had to make them stop drinking. The biggest “Narodniy dom”, called “Emperor Nikolay II establishment for the public entertainment” was located in Aleksandrovskiy park. After February Revolution of 1997 it became the property of the local authorities. The first modern Music-Hall was created in Leningrad in 1928. It housed various concert programs and jazz performances. Since 1967 Music-Hall organized more than 30 programs, like “Million of new brides”, “From all heart”, “Baltic wind” and others.

Since its establishment Theatre Music-Hall has won the sympathies of numerous fans. During the last years it has been rapidly developing, being one of the most famous concert halls of Saint Petersburg. Apart from its own performances Theatre Music-Hall welcomes the foreign artists, like T.Gverdtsitely, Chinese circus, and domestic theatres, such as Moscow “Lenkom”, and others. Theatre Music-Hall also takes part in public performances, contests, and sports competitions.

Music-Hall has three halls for 1500, 262 and 60 seats. Lately the authorities of the city have decided to make Music-Hall the concert-hall of all-public level. It should be said that one of the aspects of Music-Hall’s work is “Children Studio”, which was organized in April, 1987. Nowadays it is considered the oldest and constantly functioning Music-Hall Children Studio in Russia. Children study choreography, vocals, acting and original genre.

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Address: 4, Aleksandrovskiy Park
Metro: Gorkovskaya
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